Hawaii Nature Center `Iao Valley

Hawaii Nature Center `Iao Valley
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'Iao Valley
875 Iao Valley Road
Wailuku Hawaii 96793
Phone: (808) 244-6500

There's nothing like being outdoors to truly connect with nature. The Hawai’i Nature Center has resources to guide students, teachers, hikers, and visitors to a deeper experience and appreciation of the environment.

The Hawai’i Nature Center is appraoching it's 30th Anniversary. Since it's inception, more than 850,000 children and adults have participated in environmental education programs. The Hawai’i Nature Center is recognized as the only organization in the state solely dedicated to educating children through outdoor programs.

The Hawai'i Nature Center's original field site is located on O'ahu in Makiki Valley, just minutes from urban Honolulu. Utilizing the Makiki Valley field site, and additional remote field sites such as Pu'u 'Ualaka'a State Park and the Honouliuli National Wildlife Refuge, the Hawai'i Nature Center has grown from providing programs for 2,000 school children on Oahu to nearly 25,000 on Oahu & Maui. These programs now include a different conceptual focus on unique ecosystems for each grade level. Our goal is to serve more residents and visitors in experiencing and learning about the natural environment by adding new programs and field sites.

In 1992 our first neighbor island facility opened on Maui in 'Iao Valley with day and night programs. This facility, as well as a wetland field site at Kealia Pond, now serves more than sixty percent of Maui County's elementary school students each year. In addition, the recently renovated 'Iao Valley facility was acquired in perpetuity for environmental education.

The Hawai’i Nature Center provides school programs, intersession day camps, plus nature education programs for families and adults.

By fostering a respect for nature, the Hawai’i Nature Center is confident that children will grow into environmental stewards and impress upon future generations the importance of protecting their planet.


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875 Iao Valley Road
Wailuku, Hawai’i 96793

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